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Brain Development

Prepare your child for a successful future

X-Lab – Integrated Development Program


    • Creative thinking and imagination
    • Critical thinking and logic
    • Solving a problem of a certain complexity
    • Mind flexibility and emotional intelligence
    • Attention to the details
    • Analytical skills
    • Quick learning


    • Development of memory and speed reading using techniques of special services
    • Effective techniques for remembering names, faces, numbers, passwords
    • Efficient reading, tools for working with large amounts of information
    • Deep concentration skill
    • Rapid counting techniques

    Soft Skills

    • Self-confidence
    • Oratory, clarity and correctness of speech
    • Debates
    • Speaking in front of the audience
    • Time management, self-management
    • Process of turning ideas into series of actions
    • Leadership & teamwork
    • Time management