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From 7 to 9, Harry Potter and Junior Wizards

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The department of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, opens right here, right now. We invite you to a children’s camp dedicated to the Harry Potter series of books. Here the child will feel like a real wizard. Only here and only during one shift a child will go all the way as a Hogwarts student: learn spells, pass a number of quests and puzzles, play Quidditch and win memorable prizes. As well as practice their ingenuity and attention, make friends with the campers and defeat Voldemort together.

Course Details

Day 1 

On the first day of camp you will be welcomed by your mentor into the world of magic and wizardry, we will be assigned to our faculties and receive our badges of honor. The challenge of the first day is to pick up your wand and create a themed t-shirt. And, of course, the first spells. We'll learn Wingardium Leviosa and turn a match into a needle. At the end of the day, just like at the end of Harry's freshman year, there will be exams. We must turn a mouse into a snuffbox and make a pineapple dance on the table. 

Day 2. 

On the second day you will find envelopes with tasks that you will need to solve by the end of the day. The clues can be found in the forbidden forest. To get them you will need to take lessons on levitation and flying machines. Also you'll play in a popular game "Quidditch", where students will show their physical skills and coherence.  

Day 3  

Magical plants and fantastic creatures are the topic of the third day. We will talk about plants and magical animals. We will learn how to model plants on the computer. Let's print a 3D model and decorate already made ones. Create your own collage with fantastic creatures. 

Day 4  

Today is the day when Voldemort and the Death Eaters will try to break into Hogwarts. We need to learn some important spells and prepare for the confrontation. We will put our skills in video format and send them to the paper. There will also be a lesson on how to create the world of Harry Potter in Roblox. And even during the game we'll need to remember the spells.  

Day 5 

We will do tricks and experiments and reveal the secrets of some of them so you can demonstrate them to your parents at home. On the last day, you will receive certificates of completion of the Fantastic School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Now you can be called real wizards 

Organizational Details

-Teacher/child ratio (1:8 or lower) + an assistant

– Camp Schedule

08:30 – 09:00 Arrival 
09:00 – 10:00 Outdoor sports*
10:15 – 12:00 First Class (½ day pick up at 12h15)
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch 
13:00 – 15:45 Second Class
16:00 – 16:45 Outdoor sports*
17:00 Departure

– Lunch*

MONDAY Chicken nuggets with basmati rice
Veg: Falafel with vegetable basmati rice
TUESDAY Spaghettis bolognese
Veg: Wrap with salad, cheese and falafel
WEDNESDAY Wraps (salad, cheese, chicken/falafel or humus) – children select the ingredients.
THURSDAY Carbonara (no meat)
FRIDAY Pizza Margarita

*NB: The vegetarian meal can be composed of pasta

* The menu could be changed upon meals availability. No pork, no nuts included; Vegetarian menu is available.

– Outdoor time

Students will play team games outside; In case of bad weather, the outdoor activity will be replaced by craft and science workshops; Picnic in open space if the wether permits.


– Being late

Arrival. The camp starts every day at 08:30. Please arrive on time. Those absent will be contacted by 09.30 at the latest.

Departure. The camp finishes every day at 17:00.

Should your child have to leave earlier or if someone else comes to pick him/her up, please inform us as soon as possible by email /WhatsApp.

Please let us know if you are unable to pick up your child at 17:00, so that we can arrange childcare. Fees (payment in cash):

– 30 minutes (departure at 17:30 maximum) CHF 7.50/child.

– 1 hour (departure at 18h00 maximum) CHF 15.00/child.

– Clothes. We recommend comfortable and sporty clothing and, if necessary, a change of clothes for teaching hours. A can of water, a scarf and a coat for park outings.

– Meals and drinks. Children get a daily lunch, which includes a main course, a fruit juice and a dessert. The menu is attached.

If a meal or the menu is not suitable for your child, please let us know by e-mail ( as soon as possible. In some cases, but not always, we can change the meal according to your suggestions. We therefore advise you to send in your child’s meals, which will be reheated on site.

– Refunds

Full refunds are available if you give a week’s notice of cancellation or if there are problems during camp that are entirely our fault. No other refunds are available.

– Quick Communication

Please send your requests and questions to

or call Phone/WhatsApp: +41 22 50 17 051.

– Additional lunch

Can be bought on the website > > go to basket and choose lunch for 60 CHF > proceed to the payment