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From 10 to 13: Advanced Robotics, 08.08-12.08.22, Eaux-Vives

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Course Details

Lesson 1-1: Let's learn how to work with the BBC Micro:bit programming platform. We learn how to connect it to your computer, how to program the LEDs and how to understand the buttons. At the first lesson a student will learn how to display pictures, animations and sounds. At first we will create code in a visual editor, but we will go straight to the JavaScript language. programming.

Lesson 1-2: Take the first step towards a smart city. Build traffic lights from models printed on a 3D printer. We will understand how traffic lights work and what they are. We will connect LEDs to the traffic lights and program them.

Lesson 2-1: Talk with the students about the rules and regulations of the road. We will learn why accidents happen and how technology can help us. Using the BBC Micro:bit microcontroller we will create our own railway crossing. We will use a motor that will open and close the barrier. And it will also turn on lights and sound. The design of the barrier will be prepared from 3D models.

Lesson 2-2: How do you protect your home while you are away? Everyone knows the answer - the alarm system. Today we will learn how alarms work and make our own circuitry. We simulate the doors, program the BBC Micro:bit, connect the necessary elements, and test its work.

Lesson 3-1: Designing the mBot and programming it in Python. Movement, different directions, turns. We will create a program so that the robot can stop in front of and around obstacles using the distance sensor.

Lesson 3-2: Controlling the robot from a tablet. Performing motion tasks. High-speed cargo transportation. Light signaling and sound output.

Lesson 4-1: Connecting the LED, Controlling the LED glow using a phone and an app created by the students themselves.

Lesson 4-2: Working with motors and connecting multiple ultrasonic sensors, reading information. Driving a car along a line. Creation of an app on the phone and control of the motors.

Day 5: Creating their own robot model, using cardboard as a base, Arduino as controller, DC motors and wheels, ultrasonic sensors and LEDs. Students take the robots home and can continue learning on their own

Organizational Details

-Teacher/child ratio (1:8 or lower) + an assistant

– Camp Schedule



08:30 – 09:00


09:00 – 10:00

Outdoor sports*

10:15 – 12:00

First Class (½ day pick up at 12h15)

12:00 – 13:00


13:00 – 15:45

Second Class

16:00 – 16:45

Outdoor sports*



– Lunch*




Chicken nuggets with basmati rice
Veg: Falafel with vegetable basmati rice


Spaghettis bolognese
Veg: Wrap with salad, cheese and falafel


Wraps (salad, cheese, chicken/falafel or humus) – children select the ingredients.


Carbonara (no meat)


Pizza Margarita

     *NB: The vegetarian meal can be composed of pasta

* The menu could be changed upon meals availability. No pork, no nuts included; Vegetarian menu is available.

– Outdoor time

Students will play team games outside; In case of bad weather, the outdoor activity will be replaced by craft and science workshops; Picnic in open space if the wether permits.


– Being late

Arrival. The camp starts every day at 08:30. Please arrive on time. Those absent will be contacted by 09.30 at the latest.

Departure. The camp finishes every day at 17:00.

Should your child have to leave earlier or if someone else comes to pick him/her up, please inform us as soon as possible by email /WhatsApp.

Please let us know if you are unable to pick up your child at 17:00, so that we can arrange childcare. Fees (payment in cash):

– 30 minutes (departure at 17:30 maximum) CHF 7.50/child.

– 1 hour (departure at 18h00 maximum) CHF 15.00/child.

– Clothes. We recommend comfortable and sporty clothing and, if necessary, a change of clothes for teaching hours. A can of water, a scarf and a coat for park outings.

– Meals and drinks. Children get a daily lunch, which includes a main course, a fruit juice and a dessert. The menu is attached.

If a meal or the menu is not suitable for your child, please let us know by e-mail ( as soon as possible. In some cases, but not always, we can change the meal according to your suggestions. We therefore advise you to send in your child’s meals, which will be reheated on site.

– Refunds

Full refunds are available if you give a week’s notice of cancellation or if there are problems during camp that are entirely our fault. No other refunds are available.

– Quick Communication

Please send your requests and questions to

or call Phone/WhatsApp: +41 22 50 17 051.

– Additional lunch

Can be bought on the website > > go to basket and choose lunch for 60 CHF > proceed to the payment