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Chess course

CHF 100.00



Chess is often called the expression “Gymnastics for the mind.” As part of the lessons, the child will learn about the pieces and their moves, begin to understand chess notation and will understand the meaning of the letters and numbers indicated on the board. They will introduce you to exclusive game techniques, “Debuts” and “Gambits”. Children who sign up for our course will learn to think in terms of schemes and instantly calculate the best moves ahead. They will solve chess logic puzzles and analyze them with teachers.
Thanks to chess, children become more diligent, calm and reasonable.


  • Day 1: “The basics of the movement of chess pieces. Game of chess.”
  • Day 2: “Move recording, chess problems. Game of chess.”
  • Day 3: “Learning popular game strategies, Debuts and Gambits. Game of chess.”
  • Day 4: “Analysis of cigar batches, analysis of errors. Game of chess.”
  • Day 5: “Checkmate in 2-3 moves. Chess championship between students”