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Junior Business Academy

Why entrepreneurial skills are important?

Being responsible for your actions, learn through experience and self-confidence – these entrepreneurial skills are important for any person. And the basic ability to set goals and plan for achievement is the foundation of a successful future.

Junior Business Academy provides an understanding of the basics of management, finance, marketing, talent management, as well as the practice of using modern tools in everyday life from chatbots to the automation of sales and online applications for managing distributed teams.


Business Foundations

Searching for an idea, developing a business model, building business processes, writing a business plan. Active and passive income, competition and the stage of development of the company.

Strategies and Future Trends

The globalization of the economy and the automation of production are forcing businesses to change and create the most unusual business models. This module is designed to know in which direction to move in 10 years. The module includes the following topics: SWOT analysis, blue ocean strategy, artificial intelligence, and big data, cybersecurity.

Finances & Sales

From the pocket money to the budget of the company! Understand the difference between income and profit, costs, stocks, taxes, loans, and sale scripts. How to put into practice commercial offers, discounts, and sales, manage risks, and create budgets.


Students will learn about the process of building a company, types of leadership, team management, classical and agile approaches, the Gantt chart, crisis management, motivation, and time management.


Students will learn how to execute a marketing strategy: identify the value proposition of your business idea, determine the target audience, and explore competitive offers on the market. Get acquainted with the basics of digital marketing. They understand how PR works, an advertising campaign is created, and sales are made, including offline and online.


No matter which profession the child chooses in the future, such skills as creativity, communication and negotiation, analysis and decision-making, critical thinking, leadership, emotional intelligence, multitasking will be relevant and useful.

With Junior Business Academy, students will:

learn to plan and manage personal expenses

during the training, students earn their virtual currency – STEPCoin, which they can exchange in the myStat virtual store. How to manage the money earned – spend on a 3D model or a meeting with a businessman – future entrepreneurs decide.

chose future future profession or business direction

marketing and sales, human resources, project management, design, accounting and finances, investments and start-ups, data-driven management.

find out how the business is managed in various fields

aviation, space industry, real estate, investment, information technologies, banking, agro-industry, sports, social entrepreneurship,alternative energy, hotel, restaurant and cafe industry, retail, biotechnologies.

Business Simulations Topics

  • Creating coworking space
  • Renting apartments with Airbnb
  • Coffee shop management
  • Conflict in the city’s infrastructure department
  • International Monetary Fund
  • Execution of the quarterly sales plan in the bank
  • Development of agro-holding
  • Hardware store management
  • Call Center Automation
  • Management of the investment company
  • Sports Manager – win a championship
  • Self-driving taxi service
  • Hotel-2055
  • Drone delivery
  • Big Data Marketing
  • Development of a space colony
  • Development of micro-credit service

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